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BRASS IN POCKET - The Chrissie Hynde Story

CCEntertainment have teamed up with The Rockumentary Series (Pearl, The Janis Joplin Story, Angry Old Men) to bring you Brass In Pocket – The Chrissie Hynde story.

She was fierce, tough and the gritty essence of rock and roll!!! Her story is one of reckless survival and her music takes no prisoners! 

Featuring all the hits: Hymn to her, Don't get me wrong, Middle of the road, I go to sleep, Talk of the town, Brass in pocket, Back on the chain gang, I'll stand by you plus many more...

Starring Susannah Mirana with musical direction by Joseph Calderazzo leading a fearless band with Charmaine Ford, Mitch Farmer and Ian Tilley. 

Her story written by Chris Keeble

Did you know that Chrissie Hynde formed the Pretenders 40 years ago in 1978? There’s been a lot that has happened before, during and after… Join us to hear it all... Experience ‘Brass In Pocket - The Chrissie Hynde Story ‘

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